Index template lost after recreate es cluster in Kubernetes environment

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Hi, All

I'm using Kubernetes to deploy es cluster and I'm really stuck at stability. (Referenced
I have 3 master node and 2 client node deployed as stateless pods (without data persists), and 3 data nodes deployed as statefulset (data persists).

When I first started the cluster, everything is fine. But after delete the whole cluster and start again, all index patterns are lost and all custom templates are gone, I have to re-add them back. So anyone can tell me anything else should I to in Kubernetes to avoid data lose? Thanks a lot.

(Christian Dahlqvist) #2

Dedicated master nodes do not store data, but still need persistent storage for the cluster state, so I believe you should make them stateful as well.

(Yong Zhang) #3

I will try, and how nodes are managed by elasticsearch? I mean, re-creating pods is something like creating new machines, all of the nodes are not the old ones anymore, so uuid may be changed, will this impact something?

(Yong Zhang) #4

I combined data node and master node, now everything looks fine. Any performance concerns for doing this?

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