Persistence on ES masters

We are running an ES cluster as docker containers running on top of a kubernetes cluster.
Recently we needed to restart the master node, and upon doing so lost the template we created for our indices.
I have launched the data nodes attached to persistent disks in order to allow data to be preserved in case of a crash, but haven't done the same for the ES master node since I was under the impression it is only used for routing requests to the data nodes, and does not require any persistence.

I realize now that my assumption was wrong, and that the masters do hold a certain amount of data that need to be persisted in order to survive a crash of the entire cluster and not lose any data.

My question is -
What is persisted within the ES masters?
Is there a way to configure storing all persistence data in the data nodes, allowing masters to crash and resurrect without losing any configuration?


Master nodes must have access to the data/ directory (just like data nodes) as this is where the cluster state is persisted between node restarts. Taken from here:

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Thanks for the reference.
However, I did not think templates are included in the cluster state.
I expected nodes losing their connectivity when the master is down, since he is the one coordinating the nodes. However - I didn't expect templates to be included in the cluster state and losing them when the master crashes.
Is there any place where I can read more about what is included in this cluster state?

I mean, all I'm doing is a google search:

Perhaps my question wan't clear.
I've read both of these references before posting the question.
What I'm trying to understand is why did I lose my index template between master shutdown and startup, if it is not included in the cluster state.
Again, thanks for all the help.

How many master eligible nodes do you have? It is recommended to have 3, so that the remaining nodes can elect a new master in case the current master fails.

I am aware of that.
When I experienced the crash I was running a single master node, a problem I've attended to - scaling them up to 3.
Still - I want to be able to recover even from a crash of all 3 masters, which is a possible scenario, unfortunately.

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