Index.translog.durability: async logstash


Each morning I need to do the following two things:

First I set the translog to async state.

# curl -XPUT 'http://localhost:9200/_all/_settings?preserve_existing=true' -d '{"index.translog.durability" : "async"}'

After that I restart the logstash. This solves my little problem that the elasticsearch slow is.

The question is how do I automate this?

I have tryed by setting:

elasticsearch {
    hosts => [ "", "", "" ]   
    index => "indexname1-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}"                         
    template_name => "indexname1"                                
    template => "/opt/logstash/template/indexname1-template.json"

and /opt/logstash/template/indexname1-template.json has the setting:

  "template" : "indexname1-*",           
  "settings" : {                        
  "index.refresh_interval" : "5s",    
  "index.translog.durability": "async"

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