Index Twitter Stream with Logstash

I'm trying to index a Twitter stream using twitter plugin of Logstash.
This is my configuration file
input {

	twitter {
	consumer_key => "omitted"
consumer_secret => "omitted"
oauth_token => "omitted"
oauth_token_secret => "omitted"
keywords => ["elastic","elasticsearch","kibana","lucene"]
full_tweet => true
		tags => ["twitter"]

filter {


output {
elasticsearch {
index => "twitter_index"
		action => index
user => "alessandro"
		password => "omitted"
		hosts => ["localhost:9200"]
		template => "/home/alessandro/Scrivania/logstash-2.0.0/conf/twitter_template.json"
		template_name => "twitter"


The stream is active if I watch at console, but the index doesn't exist in elasticsearch.
What'is the problem?
Same problem exists also I don't use template.
Thank you.

Your config looks ok. Try running with --debug or --verbose to see what is happening?

Thank you for your help warkolm!