Index Warmers

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We've got a big index with millions of documents describing a relationship
between entities. One entity and it's many friends. We score them in a
few different ways and later on query and show paged results by those

The question is how were warmers supposed to be used most effectively.

Currently we have segmented a group of users that we want always want warm
in the cache, but it seems like after a while and a heavy write load the
warmer does not keep those users well.. 'warm'. The initial load still
takes a while.

Also another thing we're not sure about it, is whether we should create a
big warmer query that would order all friends by the score or create the
same queries (thus creating many smaller warmers) as we would use on the
web page.

Appreciate your thoughts and more insight into how those warmers work and
how we can achieve a more smooth query latency result.

Thanks much!

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