Warmers in Elasticsearch 1.4

(Alex Shumskiy) #1

I try to figure out how to use warmers in elasticsearch. I have read a lot of literature about this, but it remains unclear how exactly they work. Can somebody tell what "warming" means?

(Pjanzen) #2

this might help but why are you still on 1.4? Just a question, no judgement :slight_smile:

(Alex Shumskiy) #3

Because 1.4 is used at job :slight_smile:
The documentation has been read many times, but it is still not clear enough. Probably, I just need to know more about how caches work in elasticsearch.

(Pjanzen) #4

Maybe it helps if you try to explain what the problem is? maybe with some examples if at all possible? Or explain why you are looking into 'warming' in the first place and why it might help you..

(Alex Shumskiy) #5

I just want to speed up the search queries. As I understand, warmers can help only with filters, aggregation and other things that are cached. And warmers will not help with "query". Is it so?

(system) #6

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