Indexing Kibana visualization

Is there any method through which we can directly create a bar-graph with supplied data in spring code in kibana. Without using any kibana interface.

Not sure if I understand the question.

But for every visualisation, Kibana runs a query in real time against Elasticsearch.
You can run the same query from your code.

Can you please share that query.
My question is If i want to automate the whole process of kibana visualisation through spring boot. Is there a way to do it?

Do you want to:

  • Create a Kibana dashboard from your application?
  • Get the data from Elasticsearch and use it to visualise it from your application?

How to visualise from my application without the use of kibana?

Run a query/aggregation against Elasticsearch.
Get the result.
Use that result using whatever lib you want to visualise the result.

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