Indexing new data automatically from a folder in desktop to the existing index in elasticstack

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Hi All,

I am a CSE grad student and I use Elasticstack for my research. Could you please help me with below question?

Can I index the data automatically from a folder in the computer to Elasticstack so that when new data comes into the same folder in the computer, data would add automatically to the existing index? So I don't have to create an index again for similar data.

In other words, how can I set up the config file to watch the folder for new data?

If you could provide me some link/tutorial or reference that would be helpful.


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You can look at file beat:

I am unsure if this is exactly what you are looking for, but should be something to check out for sure.

Is your data added to new files within a folder, or is it added to the same file?

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Thank You!

Data added to a new file within a folder.

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Ok, Filebeat should work for you then!

You can wildcard the file name and get the contents of it.

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Thank you so much!

I am looking in to it.

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