Indexing performance degraded in Elasticsearch 7.10


As per the blog below, there is considerable improvement made in Elasticsearch 7.10 in data storage needs.
Save space and money with improved storage efficiency in Elasticsearch 7.10 | Elastic Blog.

In our tests as well with 7.10 , we see storage savings of 10 - 15 percent compared to the version Elasticsearch 7.0 we have been using. However this comes with a cost in performance time.
We see a similar degradation of 10% - 20% in the overall indexing time by just doing an apple to apple comparison with 7.0 based setup.

From the documents we do not see a specific configuration which can turn off the increased compression rate. We use the default from Elaticsearch now ( Did not do the best_compression) as it clearly indicates there can be more performance issues in search time.

I have the following points to clarify. Any inputs on this would be really helpful.
Is the performance degradation in Indexing expected due to the improved storage compression?
Is there a way to turn off the new compression logic?

Just refreshing the thread to hear back from anyone with 7.10 experience on indexing speed...

Could you share your mapping and a sample document?
I guess you are running on the exact same machines?

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