Performance degrade after using Elastic 8

We have been using elastic 7.17
Our application has load tests and we generally measure the performance

After upgrading to elastic 8, we see lot of difference in the results we had when compared to elastic 7

We also noticed that if Elasticsearch is restarted, then the results are matching to the previous results of elastic 8
It is also noticed that it uses more heap memory compared to before version
Could you please provide us some insights why it is so

Hi @smiley_tamy,

Welcome back! Can you share a bit more detail on any particular query that is giving you different results and what the differences are?

Can you also share a bit more detail on your setup and the heap stats that you are pulling?

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My experience from the past few years moving from ES5 -> 6 -> 7 and about to go to 8.
The performance has diminishes on each upgrade. The performance degradation is not huge. Something like 5 - 10%. We eventually get used to the new norm and scale accordingly.
I think it's the trade off between more feature vs efficiency.

It is observed to have a user error while setting up the data
Now we donot face such issue

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