Indexing rate fluctuates

Why does my indexing rate fluctuate between 4k doc/sec to 7k doc/sec?

And it does not fluctuate frequently. It keeps at 7k doc/sec for a few minutes, then drops for a few minutes, then goes up again.

I tried to disable swapping by set "bootstrap.memory_lock: true", but failed (I'm using Mac). Is it because of this?


Is this happening at the same time as merge of segments? Do you monitor with xpack?

I think it's probably not happening during merging of segments, since I set "index.refresh_interval" to "1h".

And yes, I'm monitoring with X-Pack.

Anything obvious in the graphs when indexing rate falls down?

It's weird that I no longer observe long-term drops (only short-term drops).

I will update if I observe them again.

Thank you!

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