Indexing strategy for small IoT sensor data project


We are new to Elasticsearch and want to use Elastic Stack for our data pipeline project. Basically we have a vehicle with multiple IMU (motion) sensors and we want to figure out the most efficient way to index our data in Elasticsearch. Data will not be flowing constantly to start. It would come through whenever the vehicle is moving, which is what we are calling a session. So there could be two sessions in one day, but that could be the only activity for a whole week. That's not to say we won't scale up eventually, but to start the amount of data flowing in will be relatively small.

Now, we were thinking we want to create an index per session so that we could easily jump into that index and analyze/visualize the data. But now I'm wondering if it would be an easier setup to have data for the week and then query for the specific session? Some guidance from ES veterans would be much appreciated :).

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