Indexing structured & unstructured random data


Okay, hopefully I explain this properly as I have been trying to sort this in my head for the last few hours.

I have an index that will gather in random data, from plain text, to numbers to json objects.
I am trying to index into two fields: meta and content

"meta" will be a json object that contains record_date, tags, category and source. That bit is fine and it works.
The problem is when I get a json object to put into the "content" field - the objects are never the same so I cannot just query on content.json_key.

What I was thinking was is it possible to take the json object and just make it a plain string thats easy to search on.

Apologies if this doesn't make brain is dripping out of my nose after trying to solve this!



Okay - must of been a long day yesterday, managed to sort it today by using query_string with wildcard field along the lines of:

"query_string": {
"fields": ["fieldname.*"]

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