IndexMissingException after alias creation


I have elastic cluster of three nodes with one index of replicas_count=1 and shard_count=50. I'm using 'users' data flow with an alias per user so my workflow is to create an alias and then populate it with user data. The probem is that I'm receiving IndexMissingException when accessing new alias (indexing) after it is is just created. After some time I can see the created alias via elastic rest api (_stats). For load balancing and fail over reasons my client code goes to random node for each operation so it seems that the node choosen for indexing just don't catched newly created alias. Flag 'acknowledged' of alias creation response was true. The problem is sporadic and most of the time all is working fine.

So my question is can I ensure that alias is created on all alive nodes or maybe I should just retry indexing operations ?