Indian currency abbreviation format

Hi ,
i am trying abbreviation the big number in kibana, i know there is abb. like million billion changing the format to 0.00a .
but i want to in indan format ,
which is 100 k= 1 lakh
1 million = 10 lakh
10 million = 1 crore and so on .
can any one please help me how to setup this ? i know kibana use numeral.jsjs for formatting .
so there is any option we can add new India local for kibana .


It doesn't look like numeral.js has support for this yet:

My only other suggestion is to use a scripted field to accomplish this, but if you have a very large dataset, then this might cause a noticeable performance hit:

Hi @Larry_Gregory ,
yes i have looked this , but i don't see they taking any step on that .
and surly scripted field not option as these value get aggregated in kibana visualization.
any efforts from ES team on this ? or we have to wait till numeral.js support this ?

Thanks .

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