German Number Format in Kibana

Hi Kibana Folks,

is there currently a way to change the englisch number format to a german one?
Bsp: Eng: 1,000.00 -> Ger: 1.000,0 ??

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Yep, if you edit the field under index settings you can define your own format.

no that doest seem to work,
when i change the format from 0,0.[000] to the desired 0.0,[000] the 1,000 changes to 1,000.00 and not the desired 1.000,00 (see the changed , and . )


Kibana uses Numeral.js for formatting numbers. There is an open issue here:, for incorrect German number representation which is still open.

thanks for the reply, but my main problem is, that i cannot set the language for Numeral.js in Kibana, except for direct in the code. But the problem is, that i need to do that after every release. So it yould be cool if the language selection option would be exposed in the kibana settings

Any solution yet?