Suppport to display correct number format for non US integer and or currency

Hi there,

I still messing arround with the correct number format for non US nummeric and or currency fields like:
are they still not supported or possible in Kibana or do I overseen somewhat?

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Have you tried setting the format:currency:defaultPattern and format:number:defaultLocale setting in Management? When I use a numeral locale with the correct delimiters (eg. 'it') and then set the pattern to 0,0.00 it appears to work.

Let me know if this works for you!

Hi Josh,
yes it works but it is not what I expect!
If I use your pattern it looks: 2,340.06
What I want is: 2.340,06
So the pattern 0.0,00 is not supported!

The most common and applied pattern is not supported
What I wanna know is why and when ?

The format I used was not this one, it should be 0,0.00 when the locale is set to it

yes it works! Thanks

I think the problem is that Kibana use the common standard german thousends delimiter known as a blank character.

But this will not applied by the most applications and makes no sense anyway.
In daily works nobody use a blank char to display thousends for currency or numbers.
(At least I don't know anybody who does that, and even I never haven't met anybody or saw that in applications or reports!)

In fact:
to manage 99% of all usecases we just need 2 patterns to make it easy to read:
0,0.00 or 0.0,00 no matter what locale is set.

Have a sunny day

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