Indices are getting locked

Not sure what is the reason why indices are getting locked , every time one of the index is getting locked , i have to go and remove the lock . the obvious answer is as many may say "its due to do disk space issue" but to be honest there are some close to 100 indices and none of them are over 3mb. neither my had drive is full ,
so where should i begin my analyses ? is it something related to index template ?

What exactly do you mean by "locked"? What exactly are you doing to "remove the lock"?

If you mean that you are seeing your indices blocked with read-only / allow delete then the best way to diagnose this is by looking in the server logs, since if Elasticsearch applies this block automatically then it logs a warning about it. Look for the string DiskThresholdMonitor.

Hi David ,
am really sorry to kind of deviate this thread , but when i tried to see the logs for Nov 18 2019 , i was surprised to see only the 19th logs. not sure when the problem started occurring. below is the image in the Logs folder. there is a 2 MB log third from the top . but through out the log there is only 19th November entry. could there be some problem with installation ? coz , with out the logs i would not be able to identify on which date that DiskThresholdMonitor happened.

Can you please provide the full output from the _cluster/stats API?

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cluster stats helps ?

It looks like you have some (compressed) logs dating back to 2019-11-04 which might be worth checking.

Also I understood your first post to mean that this keeps on happening rather than it happened once. If so, you could just wait for it to happen again and then look at the logs.

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