Indices naming

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while using ELK 2.4 my indice directories would be created as follows: "logstash-YYYY-MM-DD". ELK 5 is creating them with some random string, ex. "ELK_5.0/elasticsearch-5.0.0/data/nodes/0/indices/wsCmtji0QCy8K0B5JyTuvQ"

how can I get ELK to name them as it did on version 2.4?

(Aaron Mildenstein) #3

Sorry, I was about to reply in one way when I saw what you were really asking. Index naming is in the metadata now, not in the directory path.

(Aaron Mildenstein) #4

Out of curiosity, why would you need access to the Lucene data structures in the directory paths?

(Cjs6891) #5

I'm using ELK to index my nginx logs. I have limited disk space and use a bash script to delete the indice directories > 14 days old

(Aaron Mildenstein) #6

That's what Elasticsearch Curator was created for. See the delete_indices example configuration, and the space filter type, so you can define an amount of space to keep.

(Cjs6891) #7

awesome, thx for you help I appreciate it.

(Aaron Mildenstein) #8

By the way, I don't know the contents of your bash script, but if you were deleting the directories with rm, that is not healthy for Elasticsearch. Use API calls (or a tool like Curator which uses API calls) to modify anything in Elasticsearch.

(Cjs6891) #9

OK, I'm going to try Curator; also just beginning to familiarize myself with the API... I wrote a hand full of bash scripts to parse & analyze our logs prior to ELK, only been using it for about a month as a side project. Again I appreciate your advice & would be interested in anything else you'd be willing to share.

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