Information about ml result index

When I make ML Job, I could find 3 type of ml index.

Would you explain exactly what index is for??

  • .ml-anomalies-.write-ml_oap_bucket_3_advanced_multi_metric
  • .ml-anomalies-ml_oap_bucket_3_advanced_multi_metric
  • .ml-anomalies-shared

These are not 3 types of index.

The first two are aliases and the third is an index.

For each job we have a results read alias and a results write alias. The results are written via the write alias and read via the read alias. In a newly installed cluster both aliases point to the same underlying index, so at that point they are not strictly needed. But having them gives us flexibility if we ever need to reindex a results index or split newer results into a different index to older results.

If you want to read results for a job then you should read them from the read alias, so that would be .ml-anomalies-ml_oap_bucket_3_advanced_multi_metric in your example.

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