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Hi All,
we've set up ELK in our environment and its really a nice tool to check real time logs. Thanks for that.
but i really interested to know about.

  1. is the server can collect all the logs from client and also stores it inside or it just creates a reference of log file.

hi team,
could you please help me with a question. i want to limit the numbers or indices of elasticsearch
as it is filling my server space. is there ant configuration to limit this

There's no automatic way to restrict the number of indices. But you can use a tool like Curator to automatically delete old indices based on a variety of criteria.

Or you can manually delete them.

ok if i go delete it what will be the effect on my elk. probably we'll no more able to see older logs

Yep, if you delete older indices, the documents in those indices will no longer be available. So you won't see them in your dashboard.

It's fairly common for people to have a "retention period" of a week, a month, six months etc and then delete after that.

thanks for the response :slight_smile:

hi Team,
i have 1 more question and will appreciate if you help on this can we set sequence of logs in ELK server.
as i my elk server it is not showing in proper sequence.

I want to create user and role based dashboard in elk server i have read about x-pack is it free or paid

please help me on this

X-Pack is a commercial feature. Parts of it are free, and parts of it are higher subscription tiers that are paid. See for more information, but authentication and role-based access control is under gold. If you like, you can go to that subscriptions page and start a free platinum trial to see if it's going to provide what you want. Also, our Elastic Cloud offering is a cloud service which includes the authentication and role-based access control features of X-Pack (for <64GB RAM users) and also has a free trial.
You can have a look at for what's offered there.

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