Ingest-Attachment performance issue

I am upgrading from ES 1.6 to ES 5.3. Everything is working ok except the ingest-attachment. I installed the plugin and configured the mappings according to the documentation. I am even able to index small documents but ES consumes the whole heap when trying to index big documents which were correctly and smoothly indexed with the previous version.

I am trying to index 300 pdf documents with sizes between 400.000 and 1.500.000 characters. I am running just one ES Node in my local machine with 16 Gb. I have tried with serveral max heap configurations. I also installed the depracated mapping plugin and it worked just fine.

Interesting. Can you open an issue and link to this thread?

May be there are some optimisations we can do in ingest? // cc @spinscale

Here it is

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