Ingest node or logstash

I want to read log files from a folder into which a new file is added every 1 hour.I need to filter these files.
Which processing element should i choose ingest node or logStash ?
please explain reasons also as i have to explain the same to my lead

Have a look at this blog post. Ingest pipelines have added capabilities since that was written, so I would recommend Filebeat and ingest nodes unless you have input or output plugins that are only supported by Logstash.

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thanks for your help. I am from electronics background i am following an udemy course for learning elasticsearch and kibana but I have not found any tutorial for ingest node and reading the documentation is time consuming . Every tutorial is using logtstash.Can you suggest me some video tutorials for ingest node.

I don't know of any videos as I rely on the documentation, but have a look at the following resources:

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thank you

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