Ingest Office documents using FileBeat, LogStash pipeline

(Aaron Bauman) #1

We are currently using FileBeat and LogStash to import data into Elasticsearch.

We are looking to add Office Document to our index as well.

I know that Elasticsearch as an Ingest Plugin for handling documents, but is it possible to use this along with FileBeat & LogStash? If so, what would this look like?

Can I write a Word Doc to base64, put it into a json object and import it into FileBeat and send it thru LogStash to Elasticsearch?

This may be overkill, but I would like to maintain the consistency of how we get data into ES.


(David Pilato) #2

Probably you can do that. I believe you can also send directly to elasticsearch without logstash in the middle.

I'd recommend looking at FSCrawler project which basically does all that.

(system) #3

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