Injest multiple json files into elasticsearch using filebeat as a different index for each file

I am trying to injest multiple json files into elasticsearch using filebeat but each json file as a different index name in elasticsearch. Do I also need to use logstash for this?
I am able to install a single json file into elasticsearch but wasn't sure of how I would injest multiple json files each with a different index name.
When I tried to injest another json file and restart filebeat, the harvester did not start. Any suggestions on how I could do this?

Why do you want to create an index per file? Having a lot of small indices and shards is very inefficient and can lead to performance problems.

Hi Christian! These are pcap files and all the files have the same fields but with different call-ids and different use cases. So I wanted to differentiate these files with their index name. Is there an efficient way to do this or would it be really inefficient?

How many files do you have?

Currently five files but will grow over time and I might have to delete the older files too if needed

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