Inner_hits with Kibana visualizations

Is there any possibility to use inner_hits in Kibana visualizations?? Is there any other solution to make join to use data from two documents in one axis?

"payment": "1000",
"user_id": "10"

"id": "10"
"name": "John Smith"

I'd like to make dashboard users name with their payments.
Thank you for help

I have pinged about this q to our team.

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My goal is to fetch child document with his parent(or fetch field from parent to the child document).

elastic search does not support joins, you would need to reindex your data with the name of user in the first document.

@ppisljar you mean, I need to send first data with this user name? You mean that I have to do the join on application side, not on elasticsearch?

i mean you should denormalize your data, (at index time, or reindex current data) so your documents look like this:

"payment": "1000",
"user_id": "10",
"user_name": "John Smith"

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