Inspect => Download CSV => Formatted CSV, download file using Python

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I had Kibana version 7.4

Inspect => Download CSV => Formatted CSV

Can I download table visualization Formatted data by using Python code or CURL

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This information is not available by a simple http request because a lot of the logic for the chart and data transformation is happening on the client. You need to actually load the Kibana frontend to do that.

So, can I use Kibana URL to download the CSV.

In my case, If I use Elasticsearch query it will return 1700+ lines of JSON response,
In CSV it shrieked to 80+ lines.

is there any to achieve my goal of download CSV?

Not only me, many of them interested to download CSV programmatically.

If you are after simple documents without aggregation, you can use the CSV export in Discover which is also available via http request:

However for the data table visualizations and aggregated data this is not possible.

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