Download raw from table directly from link


is there a way to call the export raw download link from a script instead of through the GUI?
I'm looking for a way where an export from a table can be easily link to download the csv file and parse it with a script, and not having to go through the GUI.
Another option would be to access the request button that you get from the "more info" arrow in the table, and then do the query from the script.
But downloading the csv would be much preferred.

Is that even possible?


Hi Issac,

You can use curl to query Elasticsearch for whatever documents you want. But it's in json, not csv.

You may be interested in this;


Hi Lee,

Yep I know, I'm just trying to find the easiest way to produce pivot tables from Kibana.
And being able to tell the users to just save a table visualization and then visit the page that has the code with the pivot tables js, would be great.
Behind the scenes it would download get the query from kibana and load the json for pivottables.
I could transform the query part from the .kibana index at the moment, but that's going to not be so straightforward.
I have been keeping an eye on that issue for more than a year, it seems like that feature, even requested a lot, never comes.

Anyway, I was just asking in case there was an easy way.