Instalation Metricbeat RPIs

Hey everybody,

New bee here,

I've been trying to install the Metricbeat on my Raspberries and trying the different approaches I always have the same "exec format error".

Did some of you installed it on RPIs?

And in that case, do I need to install the Elastic on my raspberries as well or can I simply install it on my server and just point it there?

Thank you

We don't provide packages from the ARM architecture hence the reason you cannot execute the binary on your rpi.

You'll need to build metricbeat for your architecture.

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Is the ARM Architecture planned to be delivered ?

It would be nice to have ARM package built as part of the release process, but it's not on anyone's immediate roadmap AFAIK.

I don't see any open issue in elastic/beats regarding enhancing it to build ARM packages as part of the release. Can you please open a request. The build system is all open-source so if you wanted to help add ARM support it's all in the repo. The Beats are cross-compiled inside of a Docker container then the packages are built.

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