Install 2 differents versions on the same server


I have an installed version 2.4.2 on my server and I want to install elastic 6 on this server but keep the 2.4.2 running.

Can I install a new version on a different port (9201) ?

I'm using Debian 8


Yes, you can install as many versions as you like since each distribution is unpacked into its own directory structure and thus won't affect any other installations. To run multiple instances you just have to be careful selecting different port numbers, as you suggested, but make sure to change both http.port and transport.tcp.port (for internal cluster communication) in Elasticsearch.yml.

I would also suggest using different cluster names ( in Elasticsearch.yml) for the installations, just in case two of them by accident get the same port number (then the node with the different name won't be able to join the named cluster, allowing you to detect the port number issue before it escalates).

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