Use 2 version ES on one server

I have server CentOS 7, there is running ES version "number" : "6.4.0",
can I install new version (version 7*) and use both of them at the same time on one server?
I wanna use 2 differet verion on server, is it possible?

Technically, it is possible.
Please read from the following

I would not do that on a production server, though.

Good luck!

Suggest you do it with Docker - way easier and simple to setup, keep things separate. Then can run as many versions as you want, either bind or volume mount for storage.

There is already running ES "6.4.0" version. From what I underastand, now I shoiuld install docker, then install there 6.4.0 and latest version ES. yes?

Well, if you have one, you can leave it, and add latest version in Docker, or if you don't need the existing 6.4 data, then do both in Docker - use a named Volume for storage for each; easy way to test, add versions, etc. You can also run both matching Kibana versions, etc. We have a test VM with 4-5 versions all running at once this way.

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