Install curator, without root or internet access


I have no internet access or root/sudo access on a vm and i badly need to have the curator for managing the indices.

please help me with a tar ball (not the source code) or let me know a work around to keep the index only for certain number of days.

While it is possible to install via a tarball, you will still need all of the Python prerequisites to do so. This is not impossible, just tedious.

While the documentation says "Installation from source," it's all installation from tarballs. There is no "one" tarball that will install Curator for you because of the dependencies.

Thank you. I understand its tedious. I will use curator to delete the index, prior to N days.
Is there a easier way. I can write a small python script to do that with this though.
let me know if you are aware of a work around.

I was able to sort it. this is what i did. if it helps anybody at all

  1. I copied this rpm there (from my windows machine where i have internet)
  2. on my Linux host I did mkdir ~/.local
  3. winscp the rpm to my linux vm in ~/.local
  4. cd ~/.local
  5. execute rpm2cpio elasticsearch-curator-5.6.0-1.x86_64.rpm | cpio -ivd
  6. I was then able to run ~/.local/opt/elasticsearch-curator/curator

A clever workaround!

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