Install dashboard fails Windows to Ubuntu

I have been struggling with getting filebeats (or winlogbeats - same errors) on Windows Server 2016 to install dashboards on my Ubuntu 16.04 server.
(Also tried on Windows 10 using internet, not internal network address - same issue)

Both boxes are on the same subnet in an AWS VPC. THe ELK stack works fine and the log files are being shipped; however, I have not been able to install dashboards from the windows server (I've tried others).

PS C:\Program Files\Filebeat> ./scripts/import_dashboards.exe -es
fail to create the Elasticsearch loader: Error creating Elasticsearch client: Couldn't connect to any of the configured
Elasticsearch hosts

I have tried many things including opening ports.

Elasticsearch is running fine (curl localhost:9200).

We are using nginx to redirect the kibana requests from port 80 to 5601.

I have searched around with no luck and gone through the manuals. It appears as though others have had this issue (July 17), but resolution was not stated.

I did not use x-pack.

Thank you.

Just in case others run into this...
The issue was resolved by changing the binding in the elasticsearch YML file to use instead of localhost.

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