Install Elastic Agent on Windows from a read-only smb share

we are trying to install Elastic Agent (fleet-managed) on Windows using our software distribution tool. For this, we place the installation files on a read-only smb share. During installation, this share is mounted to the target system and from there the elastic-agent.exe is installed:

G:\PathToElasticAgent-Installationfiles-OnMountedSMBShare\elastic-agent.exe install --url=https://fleetserver:8220 --non-interactive --enrollment-token=XXX

This results in an error (the process attempts to write an agent.lock file to the read-only directory):
Error: open G:\PathToElasticAgent-Installationfiles-OnMountedSMBShare\data\agent.lock: Access is denied

Is there any way to install the agent from a read-only directory? Or is the only solution to copy all necessary files to a (local) writeable directory before installation?

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