Install ES on Hortonworks v2.3 Sandbox VM


Hello everyone,

I'm trying to configure elasticsearch.yml to make ES work on my Virtual Machine (which is on a server with IP address

Network config : :
network.bind_host : server_name
http.port: 9200 ["", "[::1]"]

Elasticsearch start perfectly but when i do a "curl -X GET 'http://address_server:9200/?pretty' i get an Exception :
Exception in thread "main" BindHttpExceptio[Failed to bind to [9200]]; nested: ChannelException[Failed to bind to : /]; nested BinException: Address in use];
Likely root cause : Address already in use...

I already check the port 9200 and their is only one who is listening this port : netstat -ln | ':9200'
tcp 0 LISTEN*

Thanks for the help.
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(Jimmy Kuang) #2

The problem is there is already a ES process listening as shown in your netstat -ln | ':9200'
tcp 0 LISTEN*

If you're just starting ES up, there should be no process listening on 9200.

(system) #3