Install filebeat and application in the same POD

I am working with kubernetes/docker and hosting a application on cloud.
My application is having multi pod .I am creating image using docker .

I want to ship filebeat along with my application in the same dockerfile.
i followed this .

Just wanted to ensure if it is the right way to do it or not. I do not want to involve kubernetes and auto discovery here. My whole aim is to have filebeat and my app should run inside the same container. Even if we have multi instance ,my docker image will take care of installation of both filebeat and app in the same environment.

Yes, configuring a custom image based on those instructions should work, though feel free to ask more specific questions if you run into problems while attempting it :slight_smile:

I am facing a lots of issue :slight_smile:
i built an image on alpine os but it seems not able to run Filebeat on the server though i can see it. if i am trying to run directly on it.It is giving me error filebeat not found. Please find the image below

I am checking this blog now : Filebeat 6.x could not support running under OS alpine

I am running filebeat 7.3.0. nay help here would be appreciated.

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