Install shield in elasticsearch but also can post es the shield not work

as the topic name, i install the shield in es,but i also can post to 9200 . the shield can't work.
i checked the log, there is no error . i do it the same things in my own computer that centos 7.0 the shield can work.
i use the centos 7.2 ,and the firewall is not running ;SElinux is closed. anyone can help?

[2016-06-30 10:46:09,393][INFO ][node ] [p15nrtes01] version[2.3.2], pid[41312], build[b9e4a6a/2016-04-21T16:03:47Z]
[2016-06-30 10:46:09,394][INFO ][node ] [p15nrtes01] initializing ...
[2016-06-30 10:46:10,036][INFO ][plugins ] [p15nrtes01] modules [lang-groovy, reindex, lang-expression], plugins [analysis-ik, marvel-agent, shield, license, head], sites [head]
[2016-06-30 10:46:10,065][INFO ][env ] [p15nrtes01] using [3] data paths, mounts [[/data3 (/dev/sdd), /data1 (/dev/sdb), /data2 (/dev/sde)]], net usable_space [5.8tb], net total_space [6.4tb], spins? [possibly], types [ext4]
[2016-06-30 10:46:10,065][INFO ][env ] [p15nrtes01] heap size [989.8mb], compressed ordinary object pointers [true]
[2016-06-30 10:46:10,714][INFO ][http ] [p15nrtes01] Using [org.elasticsearch.http.netty.NettyHttpServerTransport] as http transport, overridden by [shield]
[2016-06-30 10:46:10,893][INFO ][transport ] [p15nrtes01] Using [org.elasticsearch.shield.transport.ShieldServerTransportService] as transport service, overridden by [shield]
[2016-06-30 10:46:10,893][INFO ][transport ] [p15nrtes01] Using [org.elasticsearch.shield.transport.netty.ShieldNettyTransport] as transport, overridden by [shield]
[2016-06-30 10:46:12,345][INFO ][ik-analyzer ] [Dict Loading] ik/custom/mydict.dic
[2016-06-30 10:46:12,345][INFO ][ik-analyzer ] [Dict Loading] ik/custom/single_word_low_freq.dic
[2016-06-30 10:46:12,348][INFO ][ik-analyzer ] [Dict Loading] ik/custom/ext_stopword.dic
[2016-06-30 10:46:12,912][INFO ][node ] [p15nrtes01] initialized
[2016-06-30 10:46:12,912][INFO ][node ] [p15nrtes01] starting ...
[2016-06-30 10:46:13,078][INFO ][shield.transport ] [p15nrtes01] publish_address {}, bound_addresses {[::]:9300}
[2016-06-30 10:46:13,082][INFO ][discovery ] [p15nrtes01] KZX_NRT/kS2u7PcBQ365oMpotBmugw
[2016-06-30 10:46:16,161][INFO ][cluster.service ] [p15nrtes01] detected_master {p16nrtes01}{H-P8IRZ7T8mgn4bHadrhKg}{}{}, added {{p16nrtes01}{H-P8IRZ7T8mgn4bHadrhKg}{}{},{p15nrtes02}{hBtPuhODSXatQOugLJyNVg}{}{},{p16nrtes02}{RmZ3UqR6SBe49FE78wkGhA}{}{},}, reason: zen-disco-receive(from master [{p16nrtes01}{H-P8IRZ7T8mgn4bHadrhKg}{}{}])
[2016-06-30 10:46:16,238][INFO ][license.plugin.core ] [p15nrtes01] license [cbcf567e-44c6-4e20-94fd-0e3fb040d91a] - valid
[2016-06-30 10:46:16,354][INFO ][http ] [p15nrtes01] publish_address {}, bound_addresses {[::]:9200}
[2016-06-30 10:46:16,354][INFO ][node ] [p15nrtes01] started

Did you install a Basic license in this cluster? If so, Shield will not work with this license. You can contact to request a trial license that will enable shield.

yes, i install the license to the cluster. is that a bug ? i try it on my own pc then it's ok. there is only things different is the centos7 vs centos7.2, on centos7 is good on 7.2 then bad.

i find the things cause that problem, when i install the license that emailed to me in the centos7.0 computer then the shield also bad. :sweat_smile:

What type of license did you request? What is the output when you call GET /_license?

i just contact to request , and then i recived a license in my email. and the license has one year valid.

curl -XGET localhost:9200/_license?pretty
"license" : {
"status" : "active",
"uid" : "cbcf567e-44c6-4e20-94fd-0e3fb040d91a",
"type" : "basic",
"issue_date" : "2016-04-27T00:00:00.000Z",
"issue_date_in_millis" : 1461715200000,
"expiry_date" : "2017-06-13T23:59:59.999Z",
"expiry_date_in_millis" : 1497398399999,
"max_nodes" : 100,
"issued_to" : "jiang peng (china citic bank credit card center)",
"issuer" : "Web Form"

It looks like you contacted them in April. I suggested you email again and ask for a trial license to test Shield. Shield will not work with the free basic license. After the trial license is over you can reinstall the basic license