Installa elasticsearch in a different directory

hi, by default Elasticsearch are installed in / directory (/etc/Elasticsearch).
but i have an partition in my centos that is dedicated just for the database, how can change the default installing partition and install Elasticsearch on this partition?

or, can i just save the indices that are created in kibana to another partition?


if you have a partition just for the database, would it be sufficient to only store the data in there by configuring the correct path? This can be done in the Elasticsearch configuration, see Important Elasticsearch configuration | Elasticsearch Guide [8.1] | Elastic

Can you explain a little more context about your last question what the intent of that is?

@spinscale i will try this.

the context is to preserve the data in case of problems with my Linux, and this will let me just take the backup from the database, not from all the VM

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