Installation head plugin on elastic 2.X

(Navneet Mathpal) #1

Hi ,
I was using previous version of elastic (1.7) , there we could install the head plugin from local directory using :

bin/plugin --install head --url file:///Full/Path/To/

But when I tried the same in elastic 2.1 it was not working ... and then I tried to manually copied the content under plugin => head => _site . Then also es stopped working.
any suggestion how we can install the plugin from the local directory ..


(Jochen St) #2

You may want to try

You also should be aware that not all functionality of the head plugin is already ported to Elasticsearch 2.x

(Navneet Mathpal) #3

I is showing the below error :

D:\es_tools\elasticsearch-2.1.0\bin>plugin install file:///D:/plugin/
-> Installing from file:/D:/plugin/
Trying file:/D:/plugin/ ...
Downloading .........DONE
Verifying file:/D:/plugin/ checksums if available ...
NOTE: Unable to verify checksum for downloaded plugin (unable to find .sha1 or .md5 file to verify)
ERROR: Could not find plugin descriptor '' in plugin zip

If all the functionality is not been ported to head-plugin , is there alternative available ?


(Jochen St) #4

This probably means you have old version of head plugin.

As far as I know there is work going on. Latest update seems to be

(Navneet Mathpal) #5

Thank you..
error was because of older version of head..

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