Installing ECE on the Second and Third Servers

I have managed to install ECE on a VM running on Red Hat Linux. The setup is for a small baseline installation for a non production environment. (Director coordinator, proxy and allocator on the same VM)

For the post install steps, I read that the role and availability zone can be specified when installing ECE on the 2nd and 3rd hosts.

Is it possible to just install ECE without specifying the role and availability zone when installing on subsequent hosts and only start to specify the roles and availability zones from the GUI after installation?

Also, in the post install steps, I came across the term "Runner". What does it refer to? Is it another role like proxy, allocator etc ?

Hey @Ong!

Currently you can only specify availability zones when you install ECE, by passing the --availablility-zone parameter when running the install command. Roles can later be managed in the ECE user console, under each specific runner. In order to do so navigate to the Platform >> Runners page and select the relevant runner, then click on Update roles and check the relevant checkboxes.

Which brings us to your last question, "what is a runner?". Runner is the term we use to describe the ECE agent installed on each host. When you run the install script you are installing the runner agent, and then, based on the --roles, using the --roles-token parameter, or later via the UI as mentioned above. The runner will then start the relevant services in that host. In your case you described the "all-in-one" approach where both the allocator, proxy and control-plane services to be enabled on the same runner.
More information about these terms can be found here:

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the explanation. It is helpful. :+1:

When I installed ECE on the first host, i did not specify the --availability-zone parameter.

Will ECE automatically recognize the first host as the "first availability zone" after installing ECE on the 2nd and 3rd hosts? Or is there a way to do it manually?

Yes, you can start and specify the availability zones when installing the second ECE instance as well.

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