Installing elasticsearch at Redhat openshift

I want to install Elasticsearch at Openshif on-premise. I'm not sure if I have to follow ECE or is it limited to only installation on cloud?
should I create servers with roles allocator, director, proxy and coordinator for the installation at on-premise ocp?
On other hand my infrastructure team asks for hardware compatibility matrix and I can find it only for ECE and I cannot find recommended storage type even for ECE!

let me rephrase my question:
I want to install a new Elasticsearch service at Openshift as requested by Mubarak. the options at Elasticsearch site are:

1- install at Linux or Mac using curl then runnng the file from local storge which will not work here

2- download zip file at Windows then running it

3- installing at openshift as operator (core/internal service) which is already exists while we need to install one more service to expose outside

4- what I need is using a yaml file and elasticsearch image to create a pod using: oc apply file.yaml command from openshift cli at my windows cmd

how could I do the 4th choice above .. I cannot find the required yaml and image at elsticsearch site

I found the solution! elasticsearch image is available at docker hub. I have created the yaml file and used:

oc apply -f file.yaml

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