Installing Elasticsearch on a VM outside of the Internet


I am tring to install ELK on a VM (let's name it foomachine) which is not connected to the Internet.

With MobaXTerm, I have put the tar.gz file of the lastest version of Elasticsearch on foomachine, more precisely in a folder the name of which is ELK.

Then, I unzipped de tar.gz file, and now the folder ELK contains:

  • elasticsearch;
  • kibana;
  • logstash.

What should be the next step to distribute the uncompressed files in etc/ bin/, etc.?

I thank you in advance for any explanations.

Welcome to our community! :smiley:

You should use the deb or rpm packages to handle that, the tar.gz will simply extract to where ever it is located.

Thanks. But although the VM foomachine is Debian one, the PC which is connected to internet is a Windows 10. So I must:

  1. get the .deb files within a Windows command line;
  2. Put it into foomachine with MobaXTerm;
  3. Install from the .deb file in foomachine.
    My trouble is with step 1, because the commands like:

shasum -a 512 -c elasticsearch-7.13.1-amd64.deb.sha512
sudo dpkg -i elasticsearch-7.13.1-amd64.deb

look like Linux ones...

Otherwise, can I do first three lines under the Windows command line, move the .dev to foomachine, and finally do the fourth line under the foomachine?

Thank in advance for your help!
Jean-Yves Degos

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