Installing filebeat in multiple users question

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This is more of a question rather than an issue. I'm installing filebeat in multiple PCs. Here are the steps I follow:

1.) Copy the filebeat directory to the C drive.
2.) Open Powershell as administrator.
3.) Install filebeat service via "PowerShell.exe -ExecutionPolicy UnRestricted -File .\install-service-filebeat.ps1"
4.) Start the service via "Start-Service filebeat"

On some PCs, I'm getting problems. While I've confirmed that the service is running, not all of them are sending out logs. This had me thinking and I have the following questions.

1.) What would happen if I did not run powershell as administrator?
2.) Do I have to install the service per user so that it would start up when that user logs in?
3.) Am I on the right track with installing filebeat or do I need to check other steps and things to get it up and running?

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Also, upon looking, I've noticed that on some PCs, filebeat runs as a service and as a process. What does it mean when it only runs as a service?

Edit: Added some specifications:

Machine used are WIndows 7 and trying to install filebeat 5.5

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