Installing Plugin

(Vahid Mouasvi) #1

Hi ! I have a problem with installing my own costume plugin!
I've entered the command:
.\elasticsearch-plugin install --batch file:\\\address-to-my-plugin-zip-file

and I've got below error:
A tool for managing installed elasticsearch plugins

list - Lists installed elasticsearch plugins
install - Install a plugin
remove - removes a plugin from Elasticsearch

Non-option arguments:

Option         Description
------         -----------
-h, --help     show help
-s, --silent   show minimal output
-v, --verbose  show verbose output
**ERROR: Found multiple arguments for option [arguments], but you asked for only one**

what's the problem?

(Vahid Mouasvi) #2

Hi @elastic !
Can anyone help?
Best Regards!

(Mark Walkom) #3

Please post the entire command and error, including the shell/command prompt.

(Vahid Mouasvi) #4

here is full shell command I've entered

(David Pilato) #6

The problem is the space character within your path to your plugin. It makes the program think that it's another argument.

Don't use spaces in path or use the other name that Windows supports (something like XYZ~1 IIRC).

(Apple Fan Pl) #7

Its not only Windows-related. I observed same behaviour on macOS (Mojave = 10.14). Also no spaces.

(David Pilato) #8

@apple-fan-pl Could you share details about that? Like the full command you are sending and the full response?

(system) #9

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