Installing/updating license

Is it on the roadmap to be able to update the license from the web interface instead of the instructions given at

It feels backwards that something with such a polished interface needs to send a license via curl when kibana already has full access to elasticsearch.

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Yes, we agree and this is definitely on the roadmap! We don't have a specific timeline we can share at the moment, but it's a high priority for us, as you might imagine.

Thanks Steve,

Good to hear. I've been with Elasticsearch long enough to know you have a plan..

BTW, I'm working on a project that might benefit from X-pack, specifically graph and machine learning. But there is a learning curve to both, as you know. I contacted sales to get an extension and it was only after I explained that I wanted for a project I'm working and I'd probably be blogging about the process that I was granted an extension to the trial license. And even then it was only for a 1 machine for another month.

I think you should grant perpetual 1 machine licenses and it should be relatively easy to get small cluster licenses (eg 3 machines, ~16GB total heap) for testing.

Sometimes getting Elasticsearch into organization happens through the devs - they need to show management the value - why they should pay for something and with tools that have a learning curve it can take time till they can show the value. You want them to have relatively easy access to the tools during this phase and this is not something I feel is happening now with x-pack. just my $.02

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