Integrating with mongodb, logstash, elasticsearch and kibana

What is the best way to integrate more than one collection of mongodb into Kibana via Logstash and Elasticsearch. I tried below 2 options but can't see all fields in Kibana. Because of that I am not able to join 4 collections.
Option1 - In single configuration file (Logstash) I combined all 4 collections.
Option2 - Create separate 4 Indices and in Kibana combine all 4 Indices to create single Indices

Highly appreciate if anyone has any other solution.

It really depends on how you intend to use the data. You need to denormalize it and come up with a data architecture that will support your use case.

It could be best to to combine them all in 1 index or use 4 different ones. I'd first start with what you want to do with the data and see if the structure supports it or not.

Thanks Aaron for your response..
Request you to please elaborate it.. To make it more clear, This is my collections mapping..

Could you please tell me what could be Logstash configuration, so that I can see join between these tables in Kibana.

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