Integration Of ELK Stack With Salt Stack

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Hi All,

I have working ELK Stack in PROD .
We now have a requirement to Manage ELK Stack via Salt Stack .
Operations like , Installation , configuration and management of ELK need to be done by SALT STACK .
I have been through SALT Stack Docs and i got to know that via SALT Foumulas , it can be done .
I have downloaded Filebeat SALT Foumula but as i am new to SALT STACK so don't have much knowledge to procedd further . It would be helpful if anyone has done the same who can share me steps or quick way to do it as i need to do ASAP .


(Pier-Hugues Pellerin) #2

Hello @SJN8,

I don't have experience with salt stack at all, but I suggest you check their community page I see they have an IRC channel.

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