Interested in visualizing the value inside doc using vega/vega-lite

I am using vega for visualizing data. my query fetches the data and gives hits.hits as well as aggregations.time_buckets.buckets

I am only interested in visualizing the information in hits.hits in real time. but it is not working, can anyone guide me that what i am doing wrong here. thanks

"aggs": {
"time_buckets": {
"date_histogram": {
"field": "timestamp",
"interval": "1m",
"extended_bounds": { "min": "now-20m/m", "max": "now-1m/m" }
"_source": ["timestamp", "value", "vin", "dbcIdentifier"],
"query": {
"must": [
{"match": --},
{"match": --}
"size": 0

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