"Internal Server error" while pulling the data from elastic search

Hello team,

we are using Elastic cloud on Azure and all the versions of kibana, filebeat , Elasticsearch is 8.6.2 right now.

Facing an issue respect to one of our API please help by checking below error

"id": "c70bca474aff904c",
"method": "GET",
"requestUri": "/suggest/customer",
"status": 500,
"statusText": "Internal Server Error",
"timestamp": "30-03-2023 07:28:52",
"message": "The mapper [org.springframework.data.elasticsearch.client.reactive.DefaultReactiveElasticsearchClient$$Lambda$2414/0x0000000840d54040] returned a null value."

This is the error we are getting while calling it locally from Postman for our API tests are failing

What is the full request you are running?

its resolved now please ignore wark thanks for responding

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