Introducing Popf - A Stock and Portfolio Analyzer/Optimizer - Backend built entirely on Elasticsearch

Hi guys,
Very excited to be here and see like-minded about the potential of Elasticsearch. I just want to give a shoutout about my latest app which show case the potential of Elasticsearch:

The backend is built entirely on Elasticsearch. I current store timeseries (intraday, daily, monthly) for more than 36000 stocks/etfs/mutual fund symbols and have jobs running regularly to compute risks and returns for these 36k symbols. I also have on-demand computations.

Portfolio risks, returns and timeseries queries are done and aggregated in real time by Elasticsearch since I only store the data for the individual symbols, not the portfolio itself.

I think this app is a very good showcase the power of Elasticsearch. Try it and you will see it's much faster than any other stock and portfolio apps on the App Store and Google Play today.

Hope to hear feedbacks from fellow Elasticsearch fanboys/fangirls,
Thanks a lot guys !! Peace out !!

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